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Wellness & Spa

Concept: Believe In Yourself

The integration of mind, body and spirit is the fundamental part of our wellness philosophy, at Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resorts.

Since the dawn of evolution, food consumption was an instinct around which life was evolving. Our ancestors needed energy to survive, and all the animals they were looking towards for food, reproduced in circles. They craved sweet food as it is the greatest source of energy, but it was challenging to find. Born to move, our body is built as the perfect machine to run, jump, crawl and swim. Religious cleansing activities and traditions alike have for long been playing an important part of the daily life of our civilization and all of the above made us survive and evolve into invincible and almighty – we drive instead of walk, we fly instead of sail, we have been at the bottom of the ocean and even walked on Moon.

Starting from basic fight for food, the strongest and smartest survived and evolved into the multimillion food producers who spend generously on research to learn our basic instincts and use them to match what they can produce with what we would “like” to consume. Food industry has grown so much that there is no longer an issue of where to get something to eat for majority of people in the more or less civilized countries.

To be able to have luxury of not hunting for food, we spend daylight in sitting down positions only to move over to the couch later on and even that is mostly done on wheels.

We sleep in front of the TV or sooth ourselves by the bed by checking out latest posts on Social Media and then wake up to the bad news from doctor one morning.

It used to be about getting food, but there is another challenge now - staying healthy. Here at Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resort, we have spent 25 years in search for answers and found them in the concept of what we refer to Believe in Yourself. It is based on very simple set of rules that we have identified based on historical data and made going back to the roots, integrated with modern lifestyle demands, and balanced the perfect fusion of Nutrition, Physical Activities and Spiritual harmony.



Nutrition topic is becoming increasingly the talk of the town for a good reason. If you've spent the last few years beyond our solar system, you may have missed the moment when modern food culture has become the main cause of the obesity epidemic, which, along with many other life endangering conditions, is affecting our race at an alarming pace.

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Fitness and Activities

Nature built us into perfect motion machines with abilities that in modern society get neglected, despite the fact that availability is very high and we can keep ourselves in shape at any time of the year, through any environment. 








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